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Who used to own the publication?

Lexis Nexis were the previous owners of Pensions World SA

Who owns the publication now?

EBnet purchased the publication in January 2020.

Is it a subscription basis?

You can subscribe to the publication on the website, alternatively you can download or view on the website or on  the EBnet 

How do I get a hard copy?

Please contact Toni Cantin at the ICTS Group of Companies offices on cantint@icts.co.za to obtain a hard copy of the publication.

How do I get back copies?

Same as the above question, please contact Toni Cantin on cantint@icts.co.za


Which websites is Pensions World SA listed on?

You can find the publication on www.pensionsworldsa.co.za or on the ebnet site, www.ebnet.co.za.

How do I advertise on Pensions World SA? 

Please contact either David Weil on weild@icts.co.za, or Chris Brits on britsc@ebnet.co.za

Dates the publication is released?


How do I submit an article? 

If you would like to submit an article of interest for the publication please send a Word document to David Weil on weild@icts.co.za.

Dates for the above? 


What is the current distribution? 

We currently print 10 000 hard copies of Pensions World which are distributed nationwide.


Vol 1 No. 1

Vol 1 No. 2

Vol 1 No. 3

Vol 1 No. 4         

Booking date

24 January

23 April

25 July

23 September   

Editorial date

14 January

8 April

8 July

6 September  

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Vol 1 No. 1

Vol 1 No. 2

Vol 1 No. 3

Vol 1 No. 4         


Vol 1 No. 1

Vol 1 No. 2

Vol 1 No. 3

Vol 1 No. 4